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Portrait of Steffi Koerner PhD MAOM DipIOM LAc

Steffi Koerner PhD MAOM DiplOM LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner


Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

MCPHS/ New England School of Acupuncture

179 Longwood Ave

Boston, MA-02115

Post-Doctoral Research

The Scripps Research Institute

10550 N Torrey Pines Rd,

La Jolla, CA  92037

Doctorate (PhD in Organic Chemistry)

Basel University

Petersplatz 1

Basel 4001, Switzerland

Diploma (Masters in Chemistry)

University of Technology, Dresden

Zellescher Weg 18

Dresden 01069, Germany

Our Story

Steffi is a licensed Acupuncturist in the States of MA and NH with a Master’s degree from the New England School of Acupuncture/ MCPHS. She has successfully treated a variety of conditions, ranging from different types of pain to chronic fatigue, supportive care for cancer therapy, TMJ issues, digestive disorders and psycho-emotional disorders.

Prior to practicing Chinese Medicine Steffi was working as a Medicinal Chemist in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Academia, most recently as Lead Investigator at Arqule, Inc. and subsequently as Group Leader at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Before entering her professional career she conducted post-doctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla CA. Steffi's cumulative research efforts contributed to multiple clinical drug candidates- predominantly for oncology treatments-, patents and publications.

Steffi had very intense Migraines since being a teenager. They on average occurred three to four times per week, excruciating headaches accompanied by severe digestive issues. She learned to live with this condition and gave up hope on ever getting relief from it. Her doctors told her most likely she would have to depend on very strong pain medication for the rest of her life.

During her time in California Steffi started studying Kung Fu at Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu, San Diego. There she had her first exposure to Chinese Medicine. She did not at all believe in it and at first completely rejected the idea. But a close friend persistently convinced Steffi to try the Chinese Herbs, which were suggested to her by her Kung Fu Master (Sifu Joel, who also became a very dear friend along the way). To her surprise Steffi experienced significant improvement after just one month of taking the herbs. She then became very intrigued. A few years later, Steffi barely experienced migraines anymore.

On several other health-related encounters, Steffi also received relief/ cure with Acupuncture/ Chinese Herbal Medicine. Being a Medicinal Chemist and having experienced the amazing potential of Chinese Medicine, Steffi now became obsessed with it. She decided to study it in depth at the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest school of Chinese Medicine in the United States (now part of MCPHS), while continuing to conduct pharmaceutical research.

Steffi is now fully dedicated to her patients and exclusively practices Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

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